An effective transportation system is key to New York’s economic viability and quality of life. Moving people and goods in a state whose components range from urbanized centers to rural roadways is a challenge. All aspects of our daily lives are impacted…from our ability to compete in the national and global marketplaces…to how we commute to work or where we buy homes…to the way we work and play. That’s why we must utilize existing capacities of New York’s transportation infrastructure network to the greatest extent possible. Intelligent Transportation Systems do just that. 

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The ITS-NY 27th Annual Meeting and Technology Exhibition, scheduled for December 9th, 10th & 11th, 2020, will be a virtual event! More information to come…

September 4, 2020

The ITS-NY Board of Directors would like to extend our congratulations to the NYU-ITE Tandon Student Chapter as recipients of the ‘Student Chapter Achievement award’ and the inaugural ‘Student Chapter Momentum Award’. Both awards were provided at the ITE Annual Meeting & Exhibition in recognition of the improvement and outstanding services the Student Chapter provided to its members over the past year. We understand that NYU was selected from a pool of over 150 highly competitive Student Chapters throughout the world.



June 5, 2020 10:00-11:30 AM

During this difficult time, the COVID‐19 Pandemic is having a profound effect on mobility in New York State and around the world. ITS-NY gathered an esteemed panel of speakers for an informative webinar to discuss the impacts on various aspects of New York’s transportation systems and corresponding response strategies.

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1) Pandemic Impact on Transit and Response Priorities

2) Effect of COVID-19 on Bike/Ped Facilities in Upstate New York

3) Mobility Trends in New York City During COVID‐19 Pandemic

4) Tracking and Predicting the Effect of Covid-19 onTransportation Systems

5) Impact of COVID-19 on Mobility and New York’s Response


ITS-NY 26th Annual Meeting and Technology Exhibition

June 13-14, 2019


Presentations now posted on the Library Page. 


JUNE 14-15, 2018.

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